10 Best Temecula Parks

It’s summertime! That means lots of fun, outdoor time for us and our families. If you’re looking for some great Temecula parks to go to, look no further! Here are the 10 best Temecula parks for you and your family to enjoy.


1. Temecula Duck Pond

28250 Ynez Rd

We love this compact park featuring ducks paddling in a petite pool and a memorial to war veterans. It’s a unique place to spend some time with your family, feeding ducks and even having a picnic!


2. Ronald Reagan Sports Park

30875 Rancho Vista Rd

This a great park with a pool, stage for concerts, and plenty of space to run around. They even have great picnic areas and BBQs.


3. Margarita Community Park

29119 Margarita Rd

This park is a great gathering spot with a dog park, sports fields,  a playground and splash pad for kids of all abilities.


4. Harveston Lake Park

29005 Lakehouse Rd

Harveston Lake is a picturesque lakeside park with a tranquil vibe offering trails for walking and jogging, as well as paddle boat rentals and fishing! There’s also a nice playground for the kids.


5. Temeku Hills Park

31367 La Serena Way

This is a great simple park with baseball fields, a basketball court, and a children’s playground and picnic tables.


6. Temecula Creek Trail Park

33662 Channel St

This park offers a children’s play area along with pathways, lawns, picnic tables, and an exercise route.


7. Meadows Park

43110 Meadows Pkwy

Meadows Park offers an outdoor recreation area with lawns, walking paths, and a pond, plus a playground and picnic areas.


8. Winchester Creek Park

39950 Margarita Rd

This public park offers basketball and volleyball facilities, restrooms and a children’s play area.


9. Butterfield Stage Park

Butterfield Stage Rd

This is a great, newer park with unique playgrounds for children.


10. Wolf Creek Park

45850 Wolf Creek Dr N

This park is very scenic with a sports field and playground, along with picnic shelters and mountain views.


We hope you and your family visits one or all of these amazing Temecula parks! Enjoy the beautiful parks our area has to offer.

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