Your visit here at Lee Chiropractic will begin with a warm greeting from one of our friendly staff members. You will complete our brief paperwork which will assist Dr. Lee in diagnosing your condition. We’re your Murrieta chiropractors.

Next the doctor will discuss your medical history in detail and perform a thorough examination. The exam will include checking your range of motion, flexibility of the spine, and other postural and orthopedic special tests.

Often times x-rays are needed for the doctor to better assess your condition, arrive at a proper diagnosis, and prescribe the correct treatment for your specific condition.

After that you may receive a chiropractic adjustment and physiotherapy. As your appointment concludes, please see your front desk to schedule a second visit in which Dr. Lee will review your exam, x-ray findings, and treatment plan.


Lee Chiropractic is covered by most insurances, PPO’s, and Medicare. In most cases, auto accident and work-related injuries are covered with no out-of-pocket expense to the patient. Easy, affordable cash payment plans are provided when insurance is not available. As your Murrieta chiropractors, we also offer Care Credit. Please call our office for questions about insurance or payment plans.